About Measuring Electronics

In this section, you will find plenty of devices to interpret the measurements from our sensors.

You can realize many things, from simple overload cut-off functions withour analog devices (R-03xx), to complex calculations, load collective counters, control functions and many more with our configurable logic controllers (SKS-0586)

Measuring amplifiers convert the voltage signal of a force sensor with a strain gauge bridge (0.5…2.5 mV/V) to a current loop signal (4…20 mA) that has little susceptibility to noise. Special amplifiers convert voltage or current loop signals to a diverse range of digital interfaces, e.g. Profibus, CAN-Bus, IO-Link and many more.


Analog overload protection devices (R-03xx) realize simple cut-off functions. Different models can be connected to sensors with strain gauge bridges or current loop outputs. Most models offer current loop outputs to forward the sensor signal to a PLC. Up to two relay contacts are available with overload or slack rope functionality.

Our digital overload protection device MVD-0485 and our configurable logic controller SKS-0586 offer up to 22 supervised safety relay contacts and up to 16 digital inputs for use with load collective counters, proximity sensors etc.
Additionally, 8 input/output slots for current loops and a serial module for RS-485 allow connecting to other controllers or displays.
Most of the functionality can be configured directly on the device or comfortably from any PC with the included free configuration software. Those functions include:
Load collective counters, load spectrum recording, load summation, cross comparison, difference measurements, jib radius and load curve calculations, load range switching, field control, self diagnosis.

Customized measuring electronics

Choosing the right kind if measuring electronics depends on the requirements of the crane system or hoisting.

Analog overload protection devices are often sufficient for simple winches. Complex machinery with several hoistings require digital controllers. Additionally, displaying the current load can be useful or compulsory.

Our experts are happy to offer consultation on your project’s needs–free via phone or e-mail.

All devices come preconfigured to your wishes and taylored to your needs.

Thanks to our optimized warehousing and in-house production, all electronic devices are readily available in just a frew days.

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